• Choosing Between Natural and Manufactured Stone Wall Cladding

    06 Jan 2015   | 0 Comments

    Stone wall cladding is a type of facing for walls. When it is called cladding, it is for exterior walls. However, it may also be used on interior walls, but this is often called a veneer. Either way, inside or outside, this facing gives walls the look of being made out of stacked stones. In […]

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  • Stone Cladding, The Perfect Choice

    13 Dec 2014   | 0 Comments

    Stone cladding is a thin layer of natural stone, which is applied to the external faces of domestic, commercial or industrial buildings to provide a modern attractive look. It is often applied to brick and concrete structures as a part of the constructional design. Decorative stone cladding is also seen as a low weight, alternative […]

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  • Beating the Chinese New Year Rush: Is Your Decorative Stone Supplier Ready?

    08 Dec 2014   | 0 Comments

    It’s one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, uniting the Chinese communities around the world in culture and celebration. But the Chinese New Year is also a festival that sees China’s industry come to a virtual standstill. For Australia’s construction industry especially, it creates a serious problem, with supplies of material, including […]

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