Stone Cladding, The Perfect Choice

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Stone cladding is a thin layer of natural stone, which is applied to the external faces of domestic, commercial or industrial buildings to provide a modern attractive look. It is often applied to brick and concrete structures as a part of the constructional design. Decorative stone cladding is also seen as a low weight, alternative material to heavier solid natural stone .

Stone cladding can be a naturally occurring stone, which is quarried, and cut into thin pieces and then glued together to form panels with an irregular appearance, or can be random sized pieces of stone set into a cement backing, in the form of a panel.

Stone cladding requires the use of a quality two part cementious adhesive to ensure permanent adhesion to the wall substructure. This adhesive must be applied to both the wall surface and each of the stone panels.

If you want to create attractive natural stone exterior walling and feature columns, then stone cladding is an ideal option available. Read on and find out why you should choose this type of stone cladding.

Elegant and Timeless
Stone cladding is a graceful material that can last for decades and never run out of fashion. You have the option of choosing from a variety of naturally occurring stones like ledge stone, stacked stone, and travertine. Each of them has their own unique features and provides a different look. Despite the cost, stone cladding is in huge demand, because, it renders a brilliant appeal as compared to the other building construction materials. It is simply remarkable, and helps to boost the resale value of your property. Moreover, it can be utilized for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Fire Resistant and Durable
Stone cladding is extremely durable. Once applied or installed, it can last for the life of your building offering long term durability and requires low maintenance.

Stone cladding is fire resistant. The wide selection of stone available such as quartz, mica schist, travertine and slate in a colourful range of natural tones provide immense benefits in using stone cladding.

A Perfect Insulator for Your Dwelling
Stone wall cladding is a good, natural thermal insulator. It helps maintain room temperature. Additionally, it acts as a remarkable acoustic insulator.

Consequently, it’s not only maintains the room temperature, but also blocks external noise, thus enabling you to enjoy a comfortable and a peaceful stay at home. Moreover, by installing stone cladding, you will save on your energy bills.

Low Maintenance
Often, people complain about spending loads of their precious time in home maintenance, yet refuse to switch to low-maintenance products and materials. Stone cladding is a low maintenance product, which once installed, you don’t have to worry about All it requires is an occasional wash down to keep it looking in top condition.

Stone cladding, with its numerous benefits, is undoubtedly the winning choice for home owners, looking for a permanent decorative feature walling for their new home or renovations