Benefits of Stone Wall Cladding

by | Nov 13, 2014 | Stone Cladding | 0 comments

Many of us dream of owning a home that’s not only pleasant to live in but also appealing to the eyes. At times we would think that it’s too expensive to achieve these dream house’s features. Yet nowadays, there is already a stylistic and affordable way of improving the look of our dwelling. This is popularly known as stone wall cladding. This is an artistic element in both interior and exterior wall decorating. Stone wall cladding is a process of decorating the walls with the use of any decorative stones. These stones are intentionally designed to give accent to walls inside or the façade of the house.

Because of its artistic and exceptional feature, many would think that stone wall cladding is only a luxury and a waste of money. Little did they know that many homeowners have already been benefitting a lot from using stone wall cladding for their homes’ interior and exterior design. It’s about time to change what we wrongly think about stone wall cladding. You will find below some convincing benefits of stone wall cladding that await you.

Creates an Impressive Look
Stone wall cladding helps in creating a new fashion and an impressive look for the homes. This is mainly because wall cladding is made of stylistic decorative stones that have a captivating appeal. These decorative stones come in various sizes and designs which give the house a classy modern look. With stone wall cladding you will notice a different look and feel in your home’s exterior and interior aspects.

Accentuate the Home
Another thing beneficial about stone wall cladding is making the home stand out from the rest. Having a pleasant home inside and out is something we can be proud of. With a very pleasant looking home, welcoming a guest is never a problem. Because of the stone wall cladding’s fantastic designs, you can actually do magic in your homes appearance. It’s another way of accentuating your home, giving it a more sophisticated value and beauty. This will somehow serve as an inspiration for friends or acquaintances looking to find ways to revamp the look of their homes.

Unique Colour Variation
Stone wall cladding helps provide colour contrast appeal to the homes’ walls. The two-tone scheme looks great and very captivating to anyone’s eye. The colours will give a positive aura and feel especially when they are in the right combination. Myriads of experts in stone wall cladding can help you in finding the right colour scheme that suits your personality and tastes. The colour will promote the good vibes and pleasant atmosphere of your home. So, it’s highly important that right outside from your home starts the unique colour combination that only stone wall cladding can bring.

Added Insulation and Waterproofing
Apart from artistic and stylistic aspects, stone wall cladding also has a functional value. The stones that are being layered can give additional insulation as it makes the wall ticker. The layering of materials can increase the absorption of sound waves which increases sound insulation. Stone wall cladding also increases thermal insulation protecting the building or home from solar radiation. On one hand, it is also a great waterproofing technique. Why? It’s because the air circulating inside the air gaps can promote breathability on walls. The moisture within the structures is then drawn outwards.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get from simply giving your wall an exceptional stone cladding. Mainly, it’s for added aesthetic and an improved look in your home. Though, some homeowners find stone wall cladding as great alternative for a ladder in climbing up higher areas of the house. But this must be taken with great caution so as to steer clear of accidents. The best thing also about stone wall cladding is that it can be great for both renovation and building of new structure. It’s even best for your existing home that badly needs a new look and a new feel without undergoing total renovation.

There are various wall cladding companies that can offer you with the best options. So don’t take wall cladding as a luxury and waste of money. If you will try this on your own home you will be amazed of the result. The sophisticated beauty and other benefits will prove that it’s worth the money you spent. With stone wall cladding’s timeless appeal, you are guaranteed that your home will never go out of fashion and style as the years go by.