Rotary Down Under – Polio Awareness

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Community | 0 comments

350,000 sufferers in 1985 to 219 in 2012 – Unbelievable.
Polio is not something that we think of day-to-day yet for many years polio myelitis killed twice as many Australian children as any other childhood disease. While many people know of the work that Rotary does in this field were you aware of the many other works that they support in both Australia and Overseas?
Geoff is huge supporter of Rotary and if you have a waiting room around the Burwood, Box Hill area where lots, and lots, of people need something to read would you be prepared to put a Rotary Down Under book in that room -the book highlights a selection of the many good projects that this organisation does and to read it will amaze.