Penguins use DecoR Stone Pebbles as love tokens

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Community | 0 comments

Some give presents and flowers to express their love to their significant other. However in the life of a penguin, the most valuable offering is the smoothest looking pebble that can be found!
When Melbourne Aquarium chose DécoR Stone to be the supplier of this loving cause, we were more than happy to donate pebbles. After all, we knew our pebbles would have the best shape, colour, and quality to resemble ‘love tokens’ for the penguins.
At Melbourne Aquarium penguin breeding season is underway, and this tradition of stealing pebbles occurs once every year. The female penguins sit on nesting rings while the males run around collecting pebbles as ‘love tokens’. Some cheeky penguins even steal pebbles from nearby nests and pretend they found them.