Get Stylish Home Exteriors with Stacked Stone

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You don’t have to be a millionaire to get a stylish looking property these days. Stacked stone exteriors can turn the very basic of properties into a vibrant and luxurious looking one. Stacked stone cladding is easy to install, and is not as expensive as building an entire structure out of stone.

Benefits of Stacked Stone for Home Exteriors

Easy to install

Stacked stone cladding is quite easy to install, and if the area being worked on is relatively small, the work can be completed within a day. Depending on your budget and the area that you plan to work on, you may opt to use real stone or fake stone for your cladding. Real stone can be quarried in a range of shapes and sizes, and tends to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

You don’t have to limit yourself to using stacked stone outdoors. You can also use stone indoors. The fireplace is one part of the home that is represented well by using stacked stone. The fireplace is often a focal point of a living room – even if you rarely have a need to actually use the fireplace, having one in your home can complete the home-style look, and makes the room feel cosy, rustic and luxurious.

Stone in the garden

If you have a large garden, why not add a water feature to it. If you are using cladding to make a water fixture, you have a lot of flexibility for how it looks. For a larger feature, aim for a natural look with stones that extend out a long way, and stones that are uneven in shape and size. For a more contemporary appearance, try using smaller stones that are more uniform in size and have the water flowing closer to the stones. This will mean that the water is quieter and splashes less.

The sound of running water, whether it trickles or splashes, is very peaceful and relaxing. Some people combine a few real rocks (in areas that are visible) with simulated cladding to keep costs down but produce an amazing looking feature.

Property value

With the right design, your humble abode can become a miniature castle, palace or homestead. Your interiors can have a touch of nature, or a luxurious black-stone fireplace, and your garden can become a true place of peace and tranquility.

Talk to your local builder today to learn more about your options for stone cladding. Whether you are looking to simply renovate your bathroom or improve your curb appeal by revamping your garden and the front of your property, a good building company will be able to help you.

If you pick a design that is timeless and simple, and are selective about the materials that you use, you should find that the new clad exterior will greatly improve the value of your home. There aren’t many upgrades to your property that will offer such a substantial return on your investment. If you are considering moving in the next few years, and would like to increase the value of your home before you move, talk to an real estate agent to find out what buyers in your area are interested in. Stone cladding could well be the answer to boosting the value of your property.