Beautify Your Home With Stone Wall Cladding

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Are you looking to redesign your house? If you are, one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your house is to consider wall cladding. One of the biggest advantages of using wall cladding is that it can change the overall look of the house without too much hassle. Therefore, it not only looks good but also won’t break the bank.

So, if you are not looking to make too many changes to your home, simple wall cladding can be a very attractive change. You can easily change the inside and outside look of your home by installing stone wall cladding and complementing it with a few plants. There are a lot of varieties available when it comes to stone cladding.

The finish provided by stone cladding cannot be matched by other wall cladding materials. It not only makes the walls look good but can also offer other benefits such as protection against the weather and better insulation.

Stone Wall Cladding for Your Home

Stone wall cladding materials are easily accessible in a variety of styles. Stone cladding is available for exterior walls as well as interior walls. For instance, Decor Stone -one of the leading providers of high quality stone and material solutions for builders, architects and individuals – offer a variety of stone types and designs. Information on all of the available products can be found at

Stone wall cladding uses natural stone pieces in panels for covering walls. This is considered one of the best ways to have the appearance of solid stone walls without the extra cost of solid stone.

Why use stone?

One of the biggest advantages of using stone exteriors is that it is available in many styles, allowing you to achieve almost any kind of look you desire. The benefits gained from using stone over other wall cladding options far out-weigh the costs. This is shown through the stone’s durability and excellent protection against weather conditions.

Stone exteriors also help in keeping moisture away from the home. When combined with your home’s current insulation… stone will provide further insulation to help regulate the temperature in your home.


One of the biggest advantages of stone wall cladding is that it requires almost zero maintenance. You will just need to give it a yearly wash to ensure that it looks as good as it was when first installed. Proper installation is vital to ensure no gaps are left between the stone, this will prevent the growth of mildew or mould in that area.

How to Choose between the Natural and Synethic Wall Cladding?

When it comes to choosing the material for your wall cladding, the final decision comes down to a lot of different factors.

Manufactured stones are comparatively cheaper, therefore if you have to make that decision between these two types only on the basis of cost, it is recommended to choose artificial stone for wall cladding.

If you want stone to have the exact shade of colour, then artificial stone can give you that consistency. This is because artificial stone is made from a type of cement inside a factory, therefore size and colour will be replicated almost identically. On the other hand, if you prefer some natural variations in shades then natural stone is the choice for you.

Weight is important to consider as it will be added to the walls. If there are problems with the walls or the foundation, it can be really damaging. Artificial stone is relatively light-weight and is installed using glue or mortar when fixed to the wall. On the other hand, natural stone cladding requires a special kind of fixture to support its weight.

When it comes to maintenance, natural stone is a better option. Natural stone is more durable and is unlikely to break or chip away. Even if natural stone chips away, it is not going to reveal the ugly surface below as the next layer will also be made up of stone. It will just look like a well-worn surface.

Alternatively, when artificial stone chips or breaks, it is more likely to reveal the underlying surface. It also means that you will be required to repair it to keep the original look.

Over the years, you will have to spend more time on maintaining artificial stone cladding than natural stone cladding.

Natural stone is much more durable than artificial stone. Since natural stone has been formed over centuries, it is denser and can withstand harsher weather conditions far longer than artificial stone.

Whether you choose artificial stone or natural stone, stone wall cladding has a lot of advantages over other materials.

One of the biggest advantages is that it enhances the appearance of your home at a low cost. It not only makes the structure look durable and well-aged but it also makes it stand out among other buildings. When it comes to upgrading the appearance of your house, stone wall cladding is one of the most cost efficient options.

Another advantage of stone cladding is that it protects the walls. It is a very strong product that does not require any kind of paint.

It can also save a lot of money in the long run as it adds an extra layer of insulation.