Stone Water Feature Considerations

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A water feature can really transform your outdoor space and bring tranquillity. With an extensive array of styles to choose from, you will need to make decisions on the type of water feature which is best suited to you.

Water features

Some water features contain multiple water openings, others contain platforms which the water flows over, and the ones which stand out at night contain lighting at the top/bottom. All of these considerations will create a different look, however it’s important to remember that it will need to plug into an outdoor power source.

Water Noise

The water feature will produce a noise which can be influenced by a few factors. Generally speaking, if the water feature is located towards the end of the backyard a loud noise may be sought after, however if placed in a more intimate patio area the opposite may be preferred.

The noise can be influenced by the level of the water, if the water is quite shallow this will create more noise than if the water was entering into a deep area. If you cannot alter the depth, then adding small river rocks to the bottom of the shallow area can reduce noise.


There are many factors which can influence the type of sealer you would require. Rather than giving technical sealer advice, we would like to remind you to consider these influential factors.

The colour of the stone: some colours such as Onyx contain a high iron content, as such this may require a penetrating type of sealer.

The type of water exposure: water containing salt, chemicals, or chlorine would require a strong sealer designed to withstand this.

The type of stone: real natural stone and veneer stone are two completely different materials, therefore would react differently when exposed to water.

Preferred look: Some sealers give a glossy finish, whereas others give a natural finish.

Crave Design

Craig at Crave Design has created many beautiful water features using DécoR Stone’s Stacked Stone. Check out the range here: