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If you have never heard of the term cladding before, it refers to placing one material over another. There are various reasons as to why cladding is done. One is that it allows protection of the material beneath the layer from the harsh elements. It also simply provides a more preferable aesthetic appearance and among many other reasons. Cladding is done by expert stonemasons who are able to create these thin sheets of stone or other materials securely in place.

If you are considering stone cladding in your home, always rely on a professional who knows how to adhere one material to the other. Once it is done perfectly, the effect will be quite exceptional. Cladding has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s because stone cladding improves the appearance of interior or exterior stone layers that already exist.

Where to Buy Stack Stone Cladding
Probably, the first question that you would ask is where you can get this material. It’s actually easy to find Stack Stone cladding in various Home Depots. They are also available in major home improvement stores. You can even buy some of these at a discount. Ordering online is another option. However, due to its size and weight, delivery might not be possible especially if store is far from your location. But, by looking at the many different options available, you can often find a retailer that can work with you in nearby areas.

Different Types of Stack Stone Cladding
There are many different types of Stack Stone available. They come in roughly 3 different designs. There are 3-D geometric styles which are very light-weight with a modern twist to their appearance. This style is very popular nowadays. Another type is the ledgestone which can be attached to stone walls. It will give a very rugged look and is typically done in outdoor areas. The third one is loose random stone cladding. This gives the best impression that most people are looking for. It’s because this style is completely natural. It is very free flowing and although it takes much longer to install, the final effect is quite stunning.

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost of Stack Stone cladding will depend upon the type of cladding chosen. Whether it’s a loose random cladding, light weight, or ledgestone, it can range anywhere from $20 to $40 per cubic meter. There are various companies that offer delivery. The delivery fee will be based upon how much you are purchasing and the total weight. You can also have the same company to install and do the cladding to avail of package discount. This way, you can save a little amount from hiring somebody else separately.

Important Suggestions on Cladding
Stone cladding needs to be sealed. This is one important thing to remember. Even though it will be attached using some type of mortar, it is good to remember that mortar is permeable with water. Once water gets inside, especially when it gets cold, the stone can start to expand and crack. This would mean you’ll have to have it replaced, which can be very expensive. By making sure that the company you are using uses the proper cement over the type of cladding, you will be guaranteed with a quality work that will last for many years. Not only that, they also provide an elegant and unique stonework appearance.

There are actually different ways that you can enhance the appearance of your walkways, the side of your home or even the interior where your fireplace is. Although you can use cement or gravel for the exterior cladding of your home, having a stone walkway with the proper cladding can create a very beautiful effect.

Stack Stone cladding is also great when you are building a new home and you would like to have certain areas with captivating appeal. It can be useful as well, inside your house. You may have stone cladding in the foyer area or perhaps in the den or barroom were people lounge, creating a very unique effect.

Go and browse on the web today to find reputable companies that will provide and install exceptional stack stone cladding at a very reasonable rate. This is absolutely something that will definitely improve the appearance of the exterior and interior of your home.