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MaterialNatural 1-3mm Pebbles Mixed in Clear Acrylic Resin

Pebble Mix

All About the Pebble Mix

Pebble-Mix is a mixture of DECORATIVE PEBBLES pre-mixed with an acrylic resin ready for laying.

Pebble Mix provides a compact, easy to CLEAN, permanent decorative finish that improves the appearance of any concrete surface.

With over 30 years of experience, the Company, through its product Pebble-Mix, has provided the highest level of quality and service anticipated from the leader in its field.

The pebbles comes from the riverbeds around the northern River System in Australia.

All the pebbles gathered are washed then screened according to size. Then they’re shipped to our Melbourne factory.

The pebbles are then separated according to colour.

NOTE: We do not sell this product through our stockists. Please call 03) 9888 9888 for any enquiries about this product.

Pebble-Mix Applications

Pebble-Mix’s beautiful decorative wet-look shows off PATIOS and porches to wonderful advantage. Balconies, swimming pool surrounds and DRIVEWAYS are dramatically improved. Pebble-Mix can also be used vertically, so stairways can look great! Pebble-Mix adds extra safety especially when the aluminium safety-tread nosing is used.

Residential - Pebble-Mix has been successfully laid at over 18,000 Australian homes since its initial development in 1975.

Commercial - Pebble-Mix is featured in many commercial applications and since 1979 this product has been used in many countries including U.S.A., Malaysia, Taiwan, Fiji, Noumea and others. Many commercial applications have been successfully undertaken including pool complexes, DRIVEWAYS and similar paved areas.

I want to lay Pebble Mix on my existing concrete

I want to put Pebble Mix on my steps

I want to put Pebble Mix on the concrete surrounding my pool

If I remove the paving paint from my concrete can I use Pebble Mix?

I live in metro Melbourne – can I have a quote for someone to lay
the Pebble Mix for me?

I want to use Pebble Mix inside my pool

I want to use Pebble Mix on my pool coping

I want to lay Pebble Mix over my broken concrete driveway / pathway

I want to use Pebble Mix to level my concrete and fill in cracks

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