• Benefits of Using Stacked Stone in Australia

    30 May 2015   | 0 Comments

    Now, more than ever, Australian homeowners are stretching the boundaries of home building and architecture. They are no longer just building homes with ordinary walls. They are building homes with stacked stone, thus essentially setting their homes apart from the many ordinary looking homes in Australia. So, if you want to give your home a […]

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  • A Closer Look at the Beauty of Travertine Tiles

    28 May 2015   | 0 Comments

    If you are considering travertine flooring, you may read information on the Internet that says that it has recently become a popular tiling and flooring material, but the fact is that this natural stone has been used since the ancient days of Italy, and is currently one of the most favourite stones used in Australian […]

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  • The Many Uses of Natural Stone Pebbles

    22 Apr 2015   | 0 Comments

    The advantages of imported natural stone pebbles While native Australian stones are perfectly suitable for a wide range of uses in construction, for the finest residential projects most builders prefer to use imported pebbles. These stones are specifically chosen for their great beauty and durability. Typically sold in 20kg bags, imported pebbles are available in […]

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