• Stone Fireplace Advice

    14 Sep 2016   | 0 Comments

    You’ve probably browsed through hundreds of stone fireplace photos on Pinterest, and you’re trying to decide which style will best suit your home. There are many considerations to think about such as: – Size of the area- horizontally or vertically rectangular? Or square shaped? – Type- wood or electric? Open or closed? – The shape […]

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  • Tips on Sealing Natural Stone

    27 Oct 2015   | 0 Comments

    Choosing the best natural stone for your home is a big decision which requires lots of research on the various stone options available, taking home relevant samples, and deciding on the colour to suit the area. But once this decision is made there is another big decision which needs to be made which is often […]

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  • Benefits of using pre-formed corner pieces

    05 Oct 2015   | 0 Comments

    Applying decorative stone to an existing pillar or feature wall can help enhance any area through creating a natural appeal while having the ability to blend with any contemporary or heritage architecture. One apprehension some people have is that when it comes to the stone wrapping around a corner that they could easily lose the […]

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