Make Your Garden Rock with Stone Pebbles

If you are aiming to make your garden and walkways look fantastic, you might want to consider stone pebbles. This is a dramatic look that can add great appeal to your garden and other landscaping projects. Various stones are well suited for backyards, front yards, walkways, and areas where a homeowner wants to bring special attention to. Pebbles are not only natural, but they can give your garden, and other outdoor spaces, a nice colour.

With the different types of stones that are available, you can be as creative or as basic as you desire. Adding pebbles to your landscaping is creating a buzz in Australia. These natural pebbles give you the opportunity to create artistic pathways and create beautiful improvements to your garden.

Types of Stone Pebbles

Hardscapes and Softscapes

To help you to understand some of the terms the landscaper might use when discussing your project, you should become familiar with the terms softscape and hardscape. Any living element in your landscape such as plants, flowers, shrubs, and the like is the softscape. The non-living elements such as the stones, pebbles, boulders, and natural rocks are the hardscapes.

Distributors in Australia such as Décor Stone, which is a major supplier of stone pebbles, decorative stone wall cladding, and flooring products, offer a wide range of selections when choosing your landscaping design.


If your goal is to have that perfect patio or walkway, Flagstones are a great addition to any stone pebbles you are using; they are often put on top of sand. These stones come in unique shapes and a wide range of sizes and shades. Flagstones are also very thin and smooth. These stones are customisable and adjustable.

River Pebbles

These help conserve water in areas where less water is available. So not only do they look great, but they serve a very practical purpose. In addition, they enhance the planting of various shrubs and other landscape items.
Rocks, Stones, and Pebbles

The great thing about this natural material is that it is very durable. They are a great choice for walls, pathways, garden enhancements, ponds, and small waterfalls.

Stones and pebbles can give your landscape an instant appeal, in which the quality is truly highlighted.

Once you have created your unique and beautiful stone pebble landscape, you can further enhance it by adding wood or handcrafted granite benches or other decorations. You and your family will surely enjoy these types of enhancements day after day. Expect your visitors to talk about these new and improved house features for days.

Special vases and handcrafted sculptures go perfectly with this type of landscaping. Once you start looking at the possibilities, you will find that the designs that can be created with pebbles are just incredible. They can give a look of mystery and wonder, which you cannot achieve if you use other materials.

For those who want a look that perfectly complements nature, this will give you just what you are looking for. Stone pebbles are natural, and it reflects on the colour combinations, texture, and overall look. When put together by a specialist, the result can be a work of art.

These rocks and stones can help you completely personalise your outdoor space – a design that is uniquely you. With regard to maintenance and cleaning, there is nothing to worry about because these rocks and stones require minimal attention.

Additional Uses for Stone Pebbles

– Pots: For both indoor and outdoor pots, you can make them much more decorative by using pebbles, and this will further help the soil from being taken away when heavy rains come.

– Use as Mulch: Pebbles can make mulch that is permanent. This process has become popular and this mulch can be used for quite a long time.

– Water Features: Many people want to have water features because they really enhance the landscape. Stones are a great addition to this feature. If a waterfall is connected to your pond, then it is recommended that you use larger rocks on the outside of the pond and smaller ones to enhance the look of the waterfall.

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