Landscaping Magic with Imported Natural Stone Pebbles

Designing a home’s landscape can be a beautiful, yet challenging job. You need to have the articulate skills and expertise to get this task done. One of the best ways to liven up a landscape is to incorporate stones as well as various other landscaping elements. If you have full knowledge in masonry and woodworking, then you can probably do the landscaping yourself. But if you lack these skills, you can always hire the services of a landscaping company.

Artfully applying stone or pebbles can enhance and supplement your landscape’s natural elements. Aesthetic use of stone can even raise the value of your property. Depending upon the homeowner’s preferences, some are content to use local stones and pebbles. Others, however, may prefer to use imported natural stone pebbles.
Landscaping stones can range from rocks which occur naturally within the property to imported natural stone pebbles laid in beautiful patterns. Of course, all landscaping stones are made from rocks, which are then altered by cutting, shaping, and polishing. Using rock in landscaping is called hardscaping. Creating functional and attractive landscapes with stone does not require a professional landscaper or stone mason, but there are some projects which need a bit of professional guidance.

Suitable Areas for Stone Pebbles

Walls created from stone may be functional, decorative or both. For example, a stone retaining wall may be built to hold back soil, but that does not mean it cannot be attractive. Walls may be short or tall and of any length. They can consist of mortared or dry laid stones. A dry laid wall is built using different-sized stones with no mortar holding them together. A dry laid wall works because of gravity and stone placement. Getting these two correct provides structural integrity to the wall.

Another option for a stone wall is to construct the wall from concrete blocks and then apply a thin veneer of stone to the surface. This is a less expensive, but still an attractive way to build a stone wall. Another benefit of this method is that it takes less stone, which is helpful if the stone used is in short supply.

Rock Gardens
Rock gardens include much more than just rocks. They combine plants and rocks into a landscape that is attractive and interesting. Rocks of different sizes, colours and shapes add drama to your garden’s appearance.

Water Features
Water features include water in the rock garden. A water feature’s appeal comes from the relationship between the water and how the stones are arranged around the plants and other materials or elements, including fish.
Typically, the water feature will be an artificial structure, built to appear natural. It may incorporate existing plants and rocks, including imported natural stone pebbles.

Borders and Walkways
Flagstones are flat stones that come in various shapes and sizes. They make nice walkways, creating interesting patterns and designs. Typically, a stone walkway is an informal element within a landscape or garden, sometimes even blending into the surroundings with low-growing vegetation along the edges.

Patios are one of the most creative ways to use stones. Different colours and sizes may be used to aesthetically create patterns and designs. The stones may be textured, weathered, smooth or even bricked. They can be dry laid or mortared and built in any shape or size.

Landscaping with stones of various sizes and rocks of different textures is a great way to beautify a home. There are so many exceptional and breathtaking ways on how to decorate them in your landscape. The only limits on a project are those of the imagination. So set your mind free and explore all possibilities.