Can Pebble Mix really make a difference?

28 Nov 2017    | 0 Comments

It can be difficult to imagine the difference that Pebble Mix can really make to an area - you know that you are unhappy with how it looks now yet you're not sure that Pebble Mix is the answer.

Well, don't worry any more, the before and after photos that we have collected will assure you that you are making a terrific decision for the home - both aesthetically pleasing and value-adding.

Pebble Mix is placed over structurally sound concrete and provides a perfect look for your area, patios, verandahs and pathways.

While only currently available in Victoria, you can have it professionally applied by a pebble mix expert or you can do-it-yourself with advice and worksheets from the team.

Feel free to call or email our Head Office in Burwood, Victoria to discuss your needs.

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