May 29, 2018

Natural Stone Vs Manufactured Stone – Considerations Before Purchasing

While the experience of the builder or contractor, along with the actual project, will determine whether natural stone or manufactured stone should be chosen, natural stone […]
November 28, 2017

Can Pebble Mix really make a difference?

It can be difficult to imagine the difference that Pebble Mix can really make to an area – you know that you are unhappy with how […]
October 3, 2017

Things haven’t changed, just the way we receive our information and not everything you read is accurate and it’s best to see an expert.

As a supplier of Natural Stone for decades we can confirm from our feedback that people love natural stone and agree that it is an incredibly […]
September 12, 2017

Did Anything Good Come Out Of the 70’s? Yes, Pebble Mix!

While we may cringe when we see the fashions, the hairstyles, the mood rings and lava lamps of this decade we may not realise that there […]
September 26, 2016

Stone Water Feature Considerations

A water feature can really transform your outdoor space and bring tranquillity. With an extensive array of styles to choose from, you will need to make decisions […]
September 14, 2016

Stone Fireplace Advice

You’ve probably browsed through hundreds of stone fireplace photos on Pinterest, and you’re trying to decide which style will best suit your home. There are many […]
October 27, 2015

Tips on Sealing Natural Stone

Choosing the best natural stone for your home is a big decision which requires lots of research on the various stone options available, taking home relevant […]
October 5, 2015

Benefits of using pre-formed corner pieces

Applying decorative stone to an existing pillar or feature wall can help enhance any area through creating a natural appeal while having the ability to blend […]
September 2, 2015

Why Natural Stone is the Best Value for You

Home Renovations can be an exhausting time, whether you are starting from scratch or updating a specific area you’ll be faced with countless decisions to make. […]